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3 Tips To Prepare Your Home's Plumbing For Winter

prepare your homes plumbing for winter

Now that fall has finally arrived, and the frigid winter temperatures are just right around the corner, it is time to start planning out what needs to be done around the house to prepare your home for winter, if you haven't already started. There are a number of different projects around the house that likely need to get done before the winter weather starts in earnest, and making sure that your plumbing system is prepared and well protected should be right up there near the top of the list. Failing to take the time to adequately prepare your home's plumbing for the coming cold weather can result in a great deal of damage in a very short amount of time this winter, and no one wants to be stuck having to deal with burst pipes instead of sitting down to a holiday feast, especially when those issues could have been easily avoided with just a little bit of effort. Here at Innovative Air Solutions, we want our clients to be able to enjoy the holidays in their entirety, and our plumbers understand how difficult that can be when you are facing plumbing issues in your home. In an effort to help you prepare your home for the coming winter, our team of professionals have taken the time to put together this short list highlighting a few of the most effective tips we have gathered over the years to help you prepare your home's plumbing for winter.

Fix Any Leaks Now

If you have any leaks in any spot throughout your home, now is the time to call in the pros and have plumbing repairs done. Even if the leak isn't particularly bad, when the temperatures drop, this leaking area could present a serious weak spot in your home's plumbing, which has the potential to turn into a serious issue as the temperatures start to get lower and lower. If the water in your pipes freezes this winter, the pipe around the leaking area is likely going to suffer more and more significant damage as time goes on. The safest bet is to have a professional come out and perform an inspection to identify any problem areas and get them repaired before they have a chance to become an issue.

Drain & Disconnect Any Hoses

The pipes outside of your home are going to be exposed to some of the most extreme temperature the winter weather has to offer this year, and unfortunately, this puts them at the greatest risk and makes them the most susceptible to damage. As such, it is important to take steps this fall to keep them protected from harm. The first thing you need to do this fall is to make sure that you disconnect any hoses, sprinklers, and any lines that go to your pool and make sure they are completely drained before the weather actually gets too cold. After you have disconnected and drained these, you are going to want to find somewhere safe and dry to store them until the weather starts to warm up again. After doing this, it is sometimes a good idea to go ahead and shut off the outside valves of your home from your water main, as this will ensure that there is no lingering water in the outside lines of your home when their shouldn't be that could freeze and damage your pipes.

Insulate Your Piping

As long as your heating system is working, most of the plumbing lines inside your home shouldn't be too susceptible to freezing, but any lines that run through un-insulated areas of your home, like your crawlspaces, your garage, etc., might be at risk. Before the weather gets too cold, it might be worth call in a professional to ensure that all of the pipes running through these areas of your home get the proper insulation applied to them. Most hardware stores do sell plumbing insulation, and while it is possible to do this job yourself, leaving it to the professionals is the best way to ensure that all areas get the coverage they need and nothing falls through the cracks.

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