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Your Heating System & Your Home's Humidity


While humidity levels inside your home can dip even in warmer weather, it is a more prevalent problem during colder winter months. The reason for this is that the heating system you rely on to stay warm also depletes the air of moisture. So while you are staying nice and warm, you are also making conditions arid and uncomfortable inside your household.

What is Winter Drought and What Causes It?

For starters, cold air holds less moisture, which makes your air less humid already. Add to that the constantly running heating system that depletes even more wetness, and you have very arid conditions. This is commonly referred to as winter drought.

This lack of natural moisture in the air can cause a variety of problems. This includes issues like static electricity and chapped lips. Even worse, it can dry out and irritate mucous membranes, making conditions very uncomfortable, especially during an illness.

Speaking of illnesses, viruses are able to travel with greater ease through dry conditions. This means you and your family are more likely to get sick, as well as more likely to spread the germs to each member of your household.

To counteract this loss of moisture, you can use a humidifier to make a serious change. The implementation of dampness back into dry air will help alleviate the aforementioned issues, as well as alleviate dry skin, dry hair and even snoring.

Better Understanding Your Options

At Innovative Air Solutions, we strive to partner with locals in Mount Vernon, and surrounding areas, to explain how a humidifier can improve the indoor air quality. A whole-house system can vastly enhance conditions, making winter almost bearable. Make it a point to get the service you need now, and you and your family will be breathing much easier, all winter long.

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