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Innovative Air has certified technicians to take care of your Furnace installation near Scarsdale NY.
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11 Kimball Place Mt. Vernon NY 10550

Heating Installation

Reliable Heating System Installation & Replacement Services in Westchester County for Furnaces, Heat Pumps and Boilers

Are you experiencing furnace issues? Call (914) 793-7700 for heating system replacement and installation in Westchester County by Innovative Air. Find out how you can save on your next call when you click here for our recent specials and coupons.

Nothing is more frustrating to a homeowner than a broken or malfunctioning furnace or boiler. If your heating causes you frequent problems, or the cost to operate it starts to rise, consider a replacement. Innovative Air in Westchester County can help you decide if a professional heating system replacement is right for you. To read what others in the community are saying about our services, click here.

Getting Ready for a Remodeling Project or Gut Rehab?

No problem, we do that too!  Innovative Air has worked with some of the best general contractors in the area both directly and indirectly, and we continue to do so today.  We can tailor our services to your specific needs and circumstances, regardless of the other trades involved.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your contractor from the design phase to new equipment start-up.  We will be there every step of the way.

When Should you Replace your Furnace or Boiler?

Over time, your furnace or boiler will begin to show signs of wear and tear, eventually needing to be replaced. A traditional unit should last between 16-20 years in your home. If your system is experiencing any of these problems, it may be time to consider a replacement sooner:

  • If you have required major furnace repairs in the last two years, it is usually a sign that a replacement is in your near future.
  • Noticing a flickering, yellow pilot light means there is too much carbon monoxide in your system. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas and the presence of it in your system should be taken seriously.
  • Soot building up around the base of the unit is also a sign of excess carbon monoxide. Inhaling this gas can cause people and animals to get headaches, feel nausea and eventually causes carbon monoxide poisoning. If you experience any of these symptoms, evacuate your home right away and call a professional.
  • Experiencing cold spots in your home means there is uneven heating and a problem with your system.
  • Rising gas or energy bills could mean that your unit is losing efficiency.
  • Structural issues such as cracks, leaks or dents in the actual unit are also a strong reason to replace it. Many times, these cracks and leaks can lead to carbon monoxide in your air.

If your furnace is acting strangely or losing efficiency, it’s typically in your best interest to replace it with something more reliable and efficient. In the end, you will save more on monthly energy bills and repair costs over time.

Consider a High-Efficiency System

Almost all modern heating systems are high efficiency. There are multiple benefits that any homeowner can take advantage of when they choose to install an energy efficient system. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint with a system that is better for the environment
  • Paying less in energy bills due to the unit running efficiently
  • Requiring fewer repairs as the system is more modern and designed to last
  • Fresh new parts and labor warranties

Benefits of a Professional Installation

When you hire a professional for your installation or replacement, you are trusting that all the correct measures are being taken to ensure your new unit works efficiently and safely. Our team installs your new unit by all building codes and will make sure that all the components work together seamlessly to provide you with reliable and safe heating.

For installations you can trust by professionals who care, call (914) 793-7700 for a quote today. Our experts will make sure your new heating system works perfectly.

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