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Heating Repair

Expert Heating Repair Services For Your Home

Keep your heating systems running with repairs and maintenance by Innovative Air. Call (914) 793-7700 in Westchester County today. Be sure to take advantage of our current specials and promotions.

As a homeowner, you rely on your heating system to keep you warm during the coldest months of the year. In Westchester County, NY that can get pretty cold. Make sure your heating system is working efficiently and won’t leave you out in the cold with expert heating system repair and maintenance by Innovative Air. To see what others in your area are saying about us, see our reviews page.

Signs of a Heating System Problem

When your system needs repairs, chances are you will be able to predict a problem. Noticing anything out of the ordinary typically means that a professional needs to be called. Some other signs of repair include:

  • Odd noises coming from inside the equipment, pipes, radiators, or ducts
  • Water dripping or pooling around the equipment
  • Loss of heating ability
  • Reduced airflow coming from the registers, or no airflow at all
  • Cold radiators or baseboards

If you have noticed any of these signs, you should call a professional right away. At Innovative Air, we can assess the problem and come up with an effective solution that will get you back to business quickly and efficiently.

Why You Should Always Hire a Professional

While many home repairs can be improvised and done with a DIY frame of mind, heating repairs are not one of them. When dealing with these units, it’s important to work exactly to the building code standards outlined by the state. Working in a confined area with the potential to inhale dangerous fumes or injure oneself are all excellent reasons to leave the heating repairs to a team of experts. When you hire a professional, you ensure that the work is carried out safely and efficiently.

Equipment Tune Ups & Maintenance is Important

We recommend that homeowners invest in annual or bi-annual heating maintenance. It’s important to make sure your unit is working efficiently before the weather gets cold. When you call for professional maintenance, expect services to include items like the following:

  • Inspection of the pilot light function and/or ignition system
  • Filter changes
  • Checking radiators, baseboard, radiant systems
  • Flushing steam systems
  • Testing thermostat connections, programming, and batteries
  • Testing the blower motor and run capacitor
  • Testing the control board, limit control and gas valves

For a complete list of tune up and maintenance services, visit our Comfort Club membership section to learn more about getting your equipment tune ups done at no additional charge.

With regular inspections and maintenance, we can ensure that your heating system will not run into any unexpected repairs, and we can help the unit run efficiently for longer.

Trust Innovative Air Don't wait for the weather to get cold, call us for expert heating system repairs and maintenance today. Dial (914) 793-7700 to speak to one of our experts for a quote.

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